We've changed our name...

We've changed our name...

It’s been almost 7 years since the beginning of this little protein company of ours.

We started with the mission to create a protein that contained minimal ingredients from premium sources, while still tasting great and appealing to a much larger audience than just the body building market.

While we've grown a loyal customer following based on our products alone, we’re feeling more obligated towards positively impacting our community in addition to supplying really damn good protein powders.

We are no longer a “naked” company (and no longer the only “naked” implied health business).

Our products are still minimal, but so much has changed over the last 7 years in the world of health, fitness and nutrition. 

Back in 2012 the Paleo diet was only just being introduced to the mainstream, fat was bad for us, veganism was far from trending and Instagram was in its very infancy! 

Fast forward to today and social media is king. We live in a world where people identify by the diet they are on: Keto, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Vegan, Paleo, Pegan…everyone is an expert, while no-one is actually an expert. Diets are extreme, with “the harder, the better" mentality.  The argument of what is good for us is constant, and instead of gaining clarity on what we should be doing, it is affecting what is really important: our happiness. 

"Banter is a health-driven lifestyle brand with the mission to support and educate those looking for a more playful, intelligent and original approach to living a healthy, happy life.”

While we don’t expect to change lives with protein powder alone, we do hope to be able to create an all inclusive community for everyone -- from the elite athlete to those that may simply be confused as to how to live a healthy life. Banter will help cut through the crap by focussing on the basics, keeping things simple with a light hearted tone. Fitness doesn’t just happen in the gym and you can be fit and healthy without being “into” health and fitness.

 All this, with the promise to continue to create the best tasting, healthiest and innovative health products we can imagine.

We appreciate your support and are excited for the future under our new name of Banter.

Scott and the Banter team.

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