Breaking the boundaries of traditional fitness supplements, Banter Lifestyle is a health-driven lifestyle brand created to support and educate a community of people looking for a more playful, intelligent and original approach to living a healthy, happy life.

Formerly The Naked Co, Banter was founded in Tasmania, Australia in 2012 with the mission of taking a fundamental approach to understanding how food, an active lifestyle, and additional elements like supplements can impact our bodies, performance, mental health, and overall wellbeing.

Health is everything. It also has the misconception that there needs to be rules, or a written playbook. The joy of healthy living has been lost in a world of structure, conflicting information, and an unhealthy focus on body image.

Our products are sustainably sourced, grass-fed, organic where possible, functionally flavoured and supported by science. Whether you are a weekend warrior, an elite athlete, or just getting started, our range of health accessories & supplements have been thoughtfully designed to support you on your journey to health.

Life is not a spectator sport. Get outside and live it.

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