The Banter Lifestyle

Born as The Naked Co in 2012, we're based in Tasmania, Australia. Our mission has always been simple yet profound: to explore the fundamental connections between food, an active lifestyle, supplements, and their impact on our bodies, performance, mental well-being, and overall health.

Health Without Boundaries: We believe health is everything. But it's often misunderstood as something that requires rigid rules or a strict playbook. The joy of healthy living should be about freedom, not constraints. In a world cluttered with conflicting information and an unhealthy focus on body image, we bring you an alternative.

Simple Greatness: At Banter Lifestyle, we find greatness in simplicity. Our range of protein powders proudly adheres to a straightforward mantra: "few ingredients, no JUNK!"  These products stand as a testament to the power of clean, wholesome nutrition without any unnecessary additives or fillers.

What Sets Us Apart: 

Just few Ingredients: Crafted with care, our protein powders contain only three essential, high-quality ingredients. 

No Preservatives: We're committed to providing products free from artificial preservatives, offering you the purest form of nutrition. 

All Organic: Every ingredient in our protein powders is sourced from organic farms, ensuring the goodness of nature in every scoop.

Your Journey, Our Support: Whether you're a weekend warrior, an elite athlete, or just embarking on your path to better health, our range of health accessories and supplements has been thoughtfully designed to support you.

Live Life: We believe life is not a spectator sport. Get outside, embrace the world, and live it to the fullest.

We're absolutely thrilled to have you as part of our online community, dedicated to bringing you the very best in natural nutrition. We're here to support you every step of the way to your health journey. Let's embark on a journey of clean and natural nutrition together!

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